Kamis, 31 Maret 2011


ya! chivalry, band ini menurut saya punya musikalitas yang bagus, keras namun rapi dan mengalir, sehingga enak untuk di dengar ( lihat musiknya, bukan orangnya, eh tapi orangnya juga boleh deng ) yuk ah simak profilnya, sekalian belajar bahasa inggris!

Chivalry was formed on mid 2009. The name Chivalry has a meaning, the ideals of knighthood, virtuosity and love, as of why we pick this name, is to spread all the glory to not only to those who claim they are of knighthood, but to all of those who possess its traits. With our music none should be condemned with such a title, all have rights to this, the right to wield them in glory and Chivalry.

And the story unfolds, at first Randy ex vocalist of Dear17, Damari whose on guitars and. Wira whose on bass want to form a band out of only their friends at campus. But to their extent, the difficulty of finding worthy band mates from only inside their campus was unbearable, Then Damari ask a friend of his from outside campus to fill in on the drumming position, then Brevi tagged along. Then we searched some more to find a guitarist to complete the band. But then hard choices of finding a guitarist slowly crept up, without further ado, we decided to go straight to the studio to practice and brainstorm on materials and various views from different members. After band practice, Randy thought to find a synth player to join to be able to produce a lot more unique sound than they had make before. A week later, Randy introduced the members to Raffy a synth player who he found from a local gig who wanted to join their cause. Also at the show, we met with an old friend of ours, Rama ex guitarist of S.I.R.A and Dear17, who quickly decided to also join our cause.

Finally we began our quest in spreading our music with the name Chivalry as our spear point. Our quest to stardom has just begun, and we need YOU to support us and aid us on our perilous journey ahead.

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